Social media, which is one of the most important elements of digital marketing, contributes to SEO and SEM very much. The results of the surveys since 2005 show that this contribution has increased by an average of 4 times!

Corporate social media management has become a need for every company. Why do you know that you need to work with professional social media experts who can meet all your needs in all circles? Because your opponents can interact with existing and potential customers, introduce their services or products to them, and most importantly, they can do all of this at a cost that can not be compared with any advertising space.

With social media, which is one of the most professional ways of communication on this site, you can increase your brand's effectiveness and turnaround fast.

Marketing & Planning

Although you are an educated team in digital marketing, you can increase your productivity and save time in the direction of strategies determined by the marketing and planning touches of our professional specialists for social media.

Social Media Marketing Social Media Planning

Account Management

Through the interaction between your potential customers and your company, you can ensure that new potential customers can communicate with you through your friend's circle. This can only be achieved by managing your account correctly and with customer focused work.

Social Media Account Management Account Management

Content Generate

Remember, if your target group believe you, they prefer you! We must convince them, have good interactions with them, and write beautiful stories to them. Because every content is not interesting, ready content is limited. It's much easier for you to touch your customers with the contextual and visual materials that we produce on a regular basis.

Social Media Content Generate Content Generate

Ads & Campaign Management

Until 2015, brands that have effectively used content marketing in social media have clearly shown to the firms that has just started marketing or has been following the competition that it is no longer just to promote the brand. This, in turn, pushes companies to produce more realistic marketing strategies and set new targets.

Social Media Ads Management Social Media Campaign Management

Complaint Management

Your company's pages in social media are much more important than being liked, followed and shared, so you can interact with your potential customers. The importance of collecting user opinions about your product or service, evaluating the reactions, resolving complaints and problems is indisputable.

Social Media Complaint Management Social Media CRM

Crisis Management

A crisis that may suddenly occur in the social media and that you may face may harm your brand in a matter of minutes. Since communication is instant on the social media, you should know very well how and when to respond to a challenge. The problem can turn into a crisis within minutes or be resolved within minutes without returning crisis.

Social Media Crisis Management Social Media CRM