By expanding its vision and valuable customer communications each year as a full-service digital advertising agency in Istanbul since 2004, Webselco is being proud and excited to be a solution partner with valued customers.

On the one hand extensive use of the orange color in logo means is to be efficient and generous by reflecting sincerity and pleasure to our project partners. On the other hand, green tones represent mutual trust and naturalness that are the most valuable component of human relations between copartners. And the used black tone represents strong and stable.

From the begining of its path, Webselco has never given up serving quality in its projects with the principles of achieving difficulty and subjectivity of its works. Therefore the leading principles of Webselco are productivity in design, scrupulous and fast in advertising, trusty in communication and quality in project serving and delivery.

Combining the dynamism of the young team with its experience, Webselco is one of the leading companies with providing the best service in its sector. In the second quarter of 2008, Webselco added two seperate web server as promoted by the current technological hardware and software to its site for hosting its web based projects in these servers. Webselco is aimed to serve the best solutions to its customers with instant 2x100 Mbit connection speed on the Centos 6.5 x64 and Microsoft Windows 2008 x64 operating systems with powerful and fastest servers stored in the data center that is supported with climatic cooling system with a 450.000 BTU capacity in the location of Pamukkale University Technology Development Zone.

In the first quarter of 2010, we took the "Xerox DC 5000 and Xerox iGen3" digital presses and the "Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52 and Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 72" 4 color offset machines to help customers meet their printing needs. We aim for the best print quality with a preference of between 110 gr and 350 gr glossy paper.

In the first quarter of 2012, besides providing service on digital environment, Webselco has started to give consultancy on social media to its costumers. We are proud to represent many companies on social media.

By the date of January 2019, our services are as follows,


Flamingo PhotoArt

Flamingo PhotoArt

With "Flamingo PhotoArt", which has proven its professionalism in the fields of wedding and engage photography, you can infuse your happiness.

Professional E-Commerce Website


ticoPlus is a "A new generation of multi-featured e-commerce software" by PHP. ticoPlus is supported by user-friendly interface and administration panel!

Gelişen Bir Türkiye İçin!

Gelişen Bir Türkiye İçin!

We are working creative marketing to add to the power of the industry and all of them for the growth of all companies based on the slogan for developing Turkey.

Hey Gidi İstanbul!

Hey Gidi İstanbul!

Describing the old and nostalgic Istanbul, has a nostalgic concept and history as well as people comments and photographs... So, we say that Hey Gidi Istanbul!